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Triton 3 Bra:- In this day and age, the way a woman sees her inner wear has completely changed from what it previously was. Now, they expect it to allow some kind of liberation even as it provides them with that ‘barely there look’ along with taking care of that appropriate style. While it has been nothing but a straightjacket for some, there are others who even despise it for its lack of freedom. Now, if you are someone who resents the school of thought that says women are expected to drape and conceal themselves underneath a wave of fabric and any hinting towards plunging necklines and cleavage would be considered as some kind of sexual provocation – well then ladies it is time you take control. Allow us to introduce you to the Instant Boob Job Plunge Bra from Triton 3 Bra that frees you from the traditional ties of yesteryear’s enslavement. It offers you a wide assortment and introduces you to your very own feminine side.

Triton 3 Bra

Triton 3 Design and Feel

So, when we talk about sexy bras, what is it that hits your thoughts first? Satin, Bows, Lace, Silk, Black or could be leather too (well some consider leather as sexy too) right? No, you don’t really have to wear any of these special fabrics to look sexy, a simple styled bra can make you look hot too, like the Instant Boob Job plunge bra that comes in a variety of summer-friendly colours like Coral, Nude and Black, Teal, Snake Print, Red and Black, Black and Cerise.  Thanks to Triton 3 Bra, now you sure can enjoy that extra lift without having to worry about knifes and surgeries. Oh! Yes the company vouches that the bra manages to give a natural lift dramatically enhancing your cleave up to one cup size or if anything two. Thanks to the innovative beads that are camouflaged in the cups making this possible and thereby offering a real natural and feminine boost to the twins. Again, this miracle bra works wonders on summer days too as the aforementioned micro beads shun away the heat from the fabric as opposed to rest of the silicone-based models. So, finally here is a technology that allows women to enjoy the much sought after cleave even as it takes care to not compromise on the comfort levels. Additionally, the unique micro beads are absolutely ultra light and in fact mould itself with the twins giving out a super plunge and maxing out on the cleavage. Well, the good news doesn’t end here ladies. A few colours mentioned above also come in a multi-way fashion too – meaning now this absolutely exclusive bra can also be worn the conventional cross back style or the halter strap style. The red and black for instance, comes in this style making it sexiest of the lot. Off note, you will have to remove the cookies in the multi-way styling prior to it being washed.

So all you gotta do is buy your size and watch this wonder bra miraculously boost to bust to one cup size more. So, for those of you who have been wanting to have that miraculous instant boob job – well, you’ve got one now!

Also try teaming up this wonder bra with a pair of sexy black short that is amazing comfy and light while the white lacing gives you that simultaneous traditional and modern look. Also it can be paired with a matching G-string that is available and goes in fabulously well with the plunge bra giving you that cool and sexy feel, while the soft fabric does its natural wonder against your skin.

Triton 3


Triton 3 Bra Available Colours and Sizes:

This Instant Boob Job Plunge Bra from Triton 3 Bra is available in Coral, Nude and Black, Teal, Snake Print, Red and Black, Black and Cerise with the available sizes being 32 – 34a, b, c, d, and dd and 38 and 40b, c, d and dd.


Watch this chic and gorgeous bra enhance your cup size to one or if anything two cups more and yet manages to retain its natural looks. The all new snake print design adds spice to it making it a “must have” in your lingerie draw. By offering a natural cleave even as it doesn’t sacrifice on the styling or the comfort factor, this fabulous bra sure does enhance the twins and takes your confidence level to amazing and sexy heights.

Triton 3 Bra Instant Boob Bra Specifications

Manufacturer/Brand Triton 3 Bra
Bra Name Instant Boob Job Plunge Bra
Type of bra Multiway/Plunge
Best Use Everyday Wear, Deep Vs, Formal Wear, T-shirts
Fibre composition 51% Polyester
48% Polyamide
1% Elastane
Cup Liner: 100% Cotto
Cup Padding: 100% Polyurethane (excluding trims)
Available colours Coral
Nude and Black
Teal Blue
Snake Print
Red and Black
Black and Cerise
Available sizes 32A, B, C, D, DD, 34A, B, C, DD, 36A, B, C, D, DD, 38B, C, D,
DD and 40B, C, D and DD
Bust Support Yes
Wash Instructions Machine Washable
Do not Tumble dry, Iron or Dry clean
Delicate line dry
Highlight features Innovative micro beads inside the cups that help in boosting the size
Smart in boosting the size by two cup sizes
Offers instant boob job
Luxurious satin that is fine laced for that elegant and feminine looks


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Triton 3 Bra Reviews
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